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Deborah Kellegher, Director, Royal Irish Academy of Music  

Castleknock School of Music has been providing quality music education in Dublin for the past 23 years. We are pleased that our two institutions are so closely and positively linked. Over 95% of CSM's students sit the Royal Irish Academy of Music's Local Centre exams, the quality mark for music in Ireland.

Music theory is taught alongside instruments at CSM, with students using RIAM's Music Workout Theory workbooks. This theoretical foundation is vitally important as children cover more complex music over time.

Many CSM students have gone on to study music at TCD, UCD, DIT, Griffith College & BIMM as third level students. This is testament to the strong teaching and also to the passion CSM's faculty have for instilling a lifelong love of music.

RIAM is also proud to have taught CSM alumni Qi Je Lam (who studied with Hugh Tinney) and Defne Gultoprak (who is currently studying with Professor Therése Fahy). Defne started her musical life with CSM at just 2 years of age in their Mini Music Academy programme. She has since won top awards both nationally and internationally and continues to perform with distinction.

A number of CSM's teachers are Local Centre Examiners for the RIAM including Gertie Ryan, Roisin Ní Bhriain and Eileen Brogan. This gives them insights into standards of music education and enables the to help prepare their students for the demands of music examinations and help them grow.

CSM faculty has always included those who studied with us at the RIAM including Jonathan Johnston, Keith Stears, Éira McDermott, Sarah Dalton and CSM's director, Eileen Brogan. 

Deborah Kellegher, Director, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin


Posted 18th April 2019

Cannot recommend this school enough. My daughter started attending this music school at 3 years of age, attending pre instrumental classes. She has now reached Grade 8 piano in her piano exams. My son also attended and learned piano. There was no problem when he decided to take a break from doing grade exams and pick his own pieces to learn. All of the teachers are excellent and Eileen was always very helpful and accommodating.

Joan & Colm Mahady, Luttrellstown Drive, Carpenterstown, Dublin 15 


In 2006 we moved to Dublin with 3 children. They had all taken piano lessons before moving and wanted to continue. Luckily for us, Castleknock School of Music was nearby. All three children completed their 8 grades with the Royal Irish Academy of music and got honours all the way. They had wonderful teachers who met their needs and motivated them consistently. There were many opportunities to perform during those years and competitions for those who were interested. They also all studied musicianship and found it enhanced their instrumental learning.
The school is a very friendly place and welcomes with an open heart. There are always people available to advise you and share any concerns you might have. We were always accommodated with days and times that suited us.
I couldn’t recommend the school and all the wonderful people in it highly enough. I have come to the end of the road with CSM now but I have many fond memories of our time spent there

Marian Dalton, Ardmaroon House, Tower Road, Castleknock Dublin 15


I would definitely recommend Castleknock School of Music. I am now a mature student of the school having attended piano lessons with them for 12 years. I've had the privilege of being taught by two amazing teachers Eileen Brogan and Jonathon Johnston, who have not only helped me develop as a pianist but as a musician and performer as well. I have completely all my exams up to senior certificate with distinctions due to the encouragement and dedication of my teachers and of the school. My two sisters have been attending lessons at the school for many years and have also had enjoyable experiences learning music and developing as a performer like myself.

Rachael Armstrong (age 18) Maple Drive, Laurel Lodge, Castleknock, Dublin 15


My sons have been attending Castleknock School of Music for over 14 years, each have developed a love for music and hope to study it in college. Over the years they were privileged to have some great teachers who have gone on to make names for themselves in radio, television and on the stage.

Jennifer Davis, Rusheeny Village, Clonsilla, Dublin 15


I highly recommend Castleknock School of Music. My Daughter has been studying vocal and theory music for the past 3 years and is about to start saxophone in September which she is very excited about. Thank you to all the staff for growing my daughters love and appreciation of music. Long may it continue.

Sam Lyons Duffy, Littlepace Crescent, Dublin 15


I highly recommend Castleknock School of Music (CSM) to anyone looking for an excellent music school. CSM offers high quality tuition. Eileen Brogan and her team are highly experienced and dedicated to teaching music. My son Alexander (19) has learned piano over the past 12 years and is passionate about music (a big thank you to his piano teacher Varo for teaching Alex piano!) My daughter Sophie (8) is learning violin. Thank you Eileen for your dedication and we really enjoy coming to see the Christmas concert & especially the summer concert. I wish CSM continued success in the years ahead.

Susan Branagan, Lutrellstown Way, Castleknock, Dublin 15

My son has been learning guitar at the Castleknock school of music for 3 years now and loves it. The teachers are very child friendly and focused and regularly facilitate the children being able to perform in a safe and supportive environment. Excellent preparation for either exams or just informal playing. Very much recommended.

Dermot Day, Pheasant's Run, Clonee, Dublin 15

I have 2 daughters in CSM and are very well looked after in their music learning, both instrumental and music theory. I'm very glad for the support we receive from their teachers and school administration. There is no better music school than CSM.

Jennifer Alonsozana, Curragh Hall Drive, Tyrellstown, Dublin 15


We've been with CSM for many years now with our two children, since preliminary to now Grade 6/7. 100% happy we did..very helpful and professional staff, Eileen, Margaret and crew come highly recommended.

Frank Sutcliffe, Glenville Road, Clonsilla, Dublin 15


I recommend CSM wholeheartedly. This school has great management which tries to cater all needs and be flexible. There are very good teachers as well - the key is to find one to develop a good relationship which works three-ways. This local school democratises the music teaching for everyone from a very early age unlike the well-established conservatories which only accept by audition. If your little ones like music and put dedicated effort to it, there is a path to the bigger schools as they progress, like two of my children now studying in RIAM.

Gokhan Gultoprak, Warrenstown Place, Castleknock, D. 15.


We have two children who have been students of CSM for years. Our daughter has been with CSM since Mini Music; our son too. Abbie is now 13 and plays piano, guitar and writes her own songs. Bobby loves his guitar and is starting the piano this autumn. Both children love the school and their teachers. We couldn't recommend the school highly enough; the staff, the teachers and the facilities. Well done Eileen et al.

Mike & Louise Flannery, Farmleigh Woods, Castleknock, Dublin 15


Would highly recommend Antonello as a Flute teacher.

Lorna Corcoran, Castleknock, Dublin 15 


The teachers are nice and supportive and work to a very high standard. I can see the great progress my sons have made again this year. They are both looking forward to returning in September.

Colette Miller, Rusheeny Village, Clonsilla, Dublin 15


Krisztina is a wonderful teacher and gets the best out of James. She has turned his interest in music around for the better! James says: "Krisztina is so nice and kind and explains music so well." We look forward to next year.  

Collette Cassidy (Singer Songwriter)
Castlewood, Clonsilla, Dublin 15


We are very happy with Rachel as Ferdia's voice teacher and very happy with Eileen's piano teaching. Eileen is an excellent teacher as is Emma Tataru for theory. Ferdia enjoys his classes.

Fiachra O'Cairbre (NUIM Maynooth- Lecturer)

Barberstown, Clonsilla, Dublin 15


Naoimi has greatly improved and her love for piano playing is growing each day. Thank you for your dedication to teaching and encouragement. Niamh is very happy wth the violin lessons and musicianship classes she gets. She is enjoying her music and has helped her build confidence in playing the violin. Big thanks to CSM.

Jennifer & Rox Remolacio

Curragh Hall, Tyrellstown, Dublin 15


Killian is very happy with Emma as a piano teacher. He progressed a lot and enjoys the class and practicing at home.

Barry Bohan & Kersten Wintelkemper

Huntstown, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15


Excellent as always. Brendan Finan is a wonderful person and a fabulous teacher.

Dympna Hughes

Blanchardstown, Dublin 15


Rachel has had a great year and is much happier having tuition on a one to one basis. Rachel Reid is very kind and gentle and Rachel is very pleased to have her teachiing her.

Aisling Best

Luttrellstown, Castleknock, Dublin 15


Holly is very happy being taught bass guitar by guitar teacher Stevie Darragh.

Veronica McPartlin

Ongar Park, Dublin 15


Malina enjoyed studying piano this year with Emma Tataru. All teachers were caring and friendly and we would like to thank everyone. Enjoy the summer and we can't wait for next year.

Inga & Serghei Petrovschi

Ongar Village, Dublin 15


We are delighted with the clarinet tuition Sadie is receiving from Antonello. He is a great teacher and has a lovely manner.

Gillian Pye

Navan Road, Dublin 15


Luke has improved significantly this year. Piano lessons from Emma and theory lessons from Krisztina has been excellent. Both teachers have a very pleasant, gentle temperament with Luke and he is enjoying learning music in a positive feedback manner. Sophie has really enjoyed her Green Frogs Mini Music Class and her Pathway to Piano class. Jonathan has been a wonderful teacher with a very pleasant, calm and encouraging teaching approach which is very good especially given Sophie's young age.

Dr. Susan Keenan & Austin Boyle

Beechpark, Castleknock, Dubin 15


The teaching has been very supportive and encouraging. Looking forward to next year.

Ruby Jose

Waterville, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15


Rachel is progressing well and has worked well with Sarah in her piano lessons. All is going well!

Yvonne & Ian Donoghoe

Castleknock Lodge, Castleknock, Dubin 15


Ana loves her piano classes so much. She can't wait for Mondays. Thanks to Gertie!! Klara is very professional and loves to teach violin to young kids which is a benefit to Deniz.

Didem & Goghan Gultoprak

Warrenstown, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15


I am very happy with my daughter's music teacher, Mrs. Krisztina. She is very helpful and a great teacher. She gives valuable advice to the students as well as to us as parents. What and how to help improve our daughter's lessons and piano skills.

Adaikalam Yacop

Tyrellstown, Dublin 15


Love the school, the teachers and the staff.

Sharon Savaille

Summerfield, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15


Daniel enjoys his lessons with Brendan who finds music for Daniel that Daviel is really interested in playing. His musicianship has developed very well. Ronan says the only thing that motivates him to practice is that he loves his teachers. Well done Brendan! 

Tamara McCarthy (Music Teacher in Kildare)

Leixlip, Co. Kildare


I am very happy with Varo Khachatryan as my piano teacher.

Greta Moore (adult)

Bramley, Castleknock, Dublin 15


Teaching is excellent.

Mr. Dhanraj Baskar

Curragh Hall, Tyrellstown, Dublin 15


I am very pleased with Amber's and Emily's progress.

Denise Brady

Tyrellstown, Dublin 15


Síun is enjoying her classes with Rachel and is progressing well. She hopes to coni=tiinue with her grades in theory and voice.

Martina & Eoin Byrne

Luttrellstown, Castleknock, Dublin 15


Great job, great teachers. The staff are very nice.

Simona & Marian Mitca,

Ongar Park


Delighted with Gertie as usual. Ariana has progressed really well and goes happily to every lesson. Also very happy with Clare for theory.

Siobhan Egan and Javier Monedero

Woodpark, Castleknock, Dublin 15


I am very happy with how Kerri Ann is progressing with her teacher Emma. Thank You.

Mary McQuaid

Millfarm, Dunboyne, Co. Meath


We are very happy with Jennifer's teachers Roisin and Brendan and Eoin's teacher Kirstie. Excellent teachers.

Joan & Colm Mahady

Luttrellstown, Castleknock, Dublin 15


Excellent one to one lessons with Stevie. I noticed a great improvement to my sons guitar playing and his musical interest.

Suja Somanadhan

Castaheaney, Dublin 15


We are very happy with both teachers Antonello for flute and Sarah for theory.

Patricia Kellegher

Navan Road, Dublin 7.


Jane has made significant improvement this year and we are very happy with her progress and with her wonderful teachers Krisztina Bartha and Kirstie Muldoon.

Fiona O'Rourke


Antonio is a superb violin teacher and his patience is remarkable.

Bronwn Patton


Mount Symon, Clonsilla, Dublin 15

Evie loves playing the flute and really enjoys her theory classes.

Lauretta Eustace

Curraghtown, Drumree, Co. Meath


Antonello has been an excellent tutor! Simon has really enjoyed his year with Antonello learning Grade 3 flute. I find the school most helpful and well organised and look forward to a great new term.

Julie & Jordan O'Brien

Millfarm, Dunboyne, Co. Meath


Roisin is an excellent flute teacher. Very patient, knowledgeable and has a great rapport with my teenage daughter.

Niamh Mulryan

Woodview, Castleknock, Dublin 15


My daughter fitted right in and was encouraged so much with her vocal and theory that she did so very well in her exams.

Samantha Duffy, Clonee, Dublin 15


My daughter has built up a lot more confidence this year. She is in Junior Cycle in school and needed to put in more practice to achieve her school grades. Having the theory and piano classes encouraged her to apply herself more. Thanks to Eilis for her patience and encouragement.

Aisling Best, Luttrellstown, Dublin 15


I am very happy with the tutors at CSM that are teaching my children. Krisztina is a wonderful teacher to Sarah. Both my son's teachers Keith for instrumental class and Paul for piano lessons are wonderful.

Cliona Corcoran, Mulberry, Carpenterstown, Dublin 15


We are very pleased with Pierce's progress. Eilis is an excellent teacher and always very approachable. CSM is to be highly recommended.

Mark Roberts, Donnybrook, Dublin 4


We are astounded by how much Isabel has learned in the last year. Such a fantastic level of skill she has received. Thank you CSM.

Maria Behan, Ongar Park, Dublin 15


It has been a pleasure for Aliya to have Nicholas as a violin teacher. His hands on method and gentle approach has been enjoyable and beneficial for Aliya to be confident in her exam.

Joanne Smit, Confey, Leixlip, Co. Kildare


I have only positive things to say about the school. Brendan is an excellent teacher. he continues to make the learning experience as interesting as ever. Darren appreciates the fact that Brendan listens to his input and preferences while also encouraging him to broaden his musical horizon.

Dympna Hughes, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15


We were very happy with the lessons this year. Robert was delighted that his teacher was Stevie who could encourage Robert in every step he made in order to go through his beginner class.

Anastasia Steblovska, Mayeston Hall, Dublin 11


Roisin Ní Bhriain is an excellent flute teacher. Aoife has always enjoyed her classes.

Niamh Mulryan, Castleknock, Dublin 15


Excellent teachers. Very pleased with Matei's progress this year.

Cristina Domsa, Phoenix Park Racecourse, Dublin 15


We are very happy with CSM. Ferdia really enjoys his piano and theory and the CSM staff have been excellent. Ferdia also enjoys participating in the various competitions like the Feis Ceoil and Newpark. Ferdia really enjoyed his musical Theatre Classes this year with Victoria. It was also great that he performed in the two CSM concerts with the Musical Theatre Group. Eileen and the rest of the CSM staff are doing a great job.

Fiachra O'Cairbre, NUIM, Maynooth, Co. Kildare


Ciara had a great year and really enjoyed her piano lessons every week.

Margaret Dowling, Castleknock, Dublin 15


Yash had a great experience in his guitar classes this year. He is happy to go forward with his teacher Stevie Darragh. He always keeps praising him at home. Thanks Stevie for all the help.

Sripriya Balasubramanium, Clonsilla, Dublin 15


Great job and very nice stuff. Keep doing what you're doing. Thanks a million for everything.

Mitca Simona Mariana, Ongar, Dublin 15


Conor enjoys his piano and theory classes. Very pleased with his progress. Jordan has shown great enthusiasm and is eager to do well. Thank you for the excellent tuition he received this year.

David & Colette Miller, Rusheeny Village, Clonsilla, Dublin 15


James has been very happy and has done really well thanks to Krisztina's encouragement and patience. He has learned so much this year. Krisztina is a wonderful and helpful teacher and we look forward to more piano in the futre. Thanks to Krisztina Bartha. We love her! Smile

James (student) and Colette (mum) Cassidy, Clonsilla, Dublin 15


Niamh is enjoying her time at piano and progressing very well due to the hard work from her piano teacher Paul.

Orla Hillick, Charnwood, Clonsilla, Dublin 15


Fionn is very happy with the tuition he received from Nicolaus this year and looks forward to continuing with him next year.

Mary Dowling, Dunboyne, Co. Meath


J.J. really enjoyed music last year both piano and theory classes. It was great that his piano teacher spent time in getting him so prepared for his Junior Cert. Much appreciated.

Bridget Hogan, Luttrellstown, Castleknock, Dublin 15


Stevie is a fantastic guitar teacher. He is very patient with Ruairi and has taught him a lot over the year. Stevie is a SUPERSTAR in our house.

Barbara O'Rourke, Clonsilla, Dublin 15


I really enjoy my classes with Sarah. I am learning so much at all my classes.

Erin Dolly (student)= - age 9) Mum: Jeanette Doonan, Auburn Close, Castleknock, Dublin 15


Alina isi wonderful and extremely helpful in preparing Kate for her theory and LC exams. Jonathan has been equally as helpful and supportive in piano tuition.

Rita Mullen, Laverna, Castleknock, Dublin 15


CSM is great, because as a nurse, the only day of the week that I am free is Saturday and CSM accommodate me always.

Jane McCormick, Dunboyne, County Meath


Thank you for all your help and patience. I am really enjoying learning to play the piano.

Kate Lynam-Loane (Adult Student), Castleknock, Dublin 15


Another successful year for both our children with Brendan Finan. They say he's a 'really GREAT teacher'.

Gareth Jones & Louise McGuinness, Ashtown, Dublin 15


Margaret is a lovely and very patient teacher. Adam is very much enjoying learning to play the guitar.

Dympna Cunningham, Porterstown, Dublin 15 


Here are just some of the testimonials we have received from our parents in May 2014

Jessica has been a part of CSM for over 10 years now. I am delighted with the attention and guidance she receives during each lesson. We look forward to many more years to come.                                                            

Caroline Armstrong, Roselawn, Castleknock, Dublin 15


Rachel has thoroughly enjoyed her 1st year being a student of CSM. She is very enthusiastic and eager to do well. Barbara has nurtured her interest and encouraged her to practice and do well. Barbara's manner with Rachel is so gentle, that she loves going to class. I feel this is very important to children in the early stages as it builds confiden e and a good foundation and also a love for performing music.                                                                      

Stephen & Aisling Best, Luttrellstown, Castleknock, Dublin 15


We are extremely pleased with the tuition given to our daughter. We have seen great improvements in her abilities and confidence. Rachel is a lovely teacher and so professional.                                                                    

 Angela McEvitt, Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin 7


 We are very pleased with Shane Fee's teaching. Our son Ollie enjoys his lessons.

Conor Brennan, Riverwood, Castleknock, Dublin 15



I am very happy with Castleknock School of Music

Malgorzata Cojocaru, Dunboyne Castle, Co. Meath



My piano teacher is a really, good, kind and funny teacher.

Rebecca Doyle, Mulhuddard, Dublin 15



We are delighted with Dylan's progress with his teacher Brendan Finan - he's a great teacher.

Gareth Jones & Louise McGuinness, Ashtown, Dublin 15



Cristina is a terrific teacher. She has a great rapport with Bronwyn and makes the classes fun. Hazel is also a great musicianship / theory teacher.

Joan Duffy, Pprtersgate, Clonsilla, Dublin 15



Brian is making fantastic progress with his piano teacher. She is fantastic, really patient and brings out the best in him.

Alison Saunders, Castaheaney, Dublin 15



CSM Team in Ongar are doing tremendous work on my son. His guitar skills have improved. CSM is to be highly recommended.

Mark Adeoye, Ongar, Dublin 15



Great school, really good one to one tuition. Have seem marked improvements.

Daniel & Gabriela Negrea, Hansfield, Ongar, Dublin 15



Erin has very much enjoyed and progressed during her first year with the school learning violin. Clare has been very patient and professional. Erin started at a very young age so she needed a lot of encouragement and guidance, whcih Clare always provides. Looking forward to next year.

Emer McDonagh, Luttrellstown, Castleknock, Dublin 15



We are very pleased with Jordan's progression in both theory and piano.

Colette & David Miller, Rusheeny Village, Clonsilla, Dublin 15



We are very pleased with CSM teachers and the teaching environment.

Geraldine & Brian O'Neill, Manorfields, Castaheany, Dublin 15



Antonio has been teaching Sean the violin for a number of years. He is patient, kind and understanding of Sean's abilities.

Michelle Clynes, Bramley, Castleknock, Dublin 15



Very pleased with Amy's progress and Ms. Armstrong's teaching is both attentive and highly professional. Amy is very happy. Excellent tuition received. Thank you!

Dabney & Frank Melia, Sycamore, Castleknock, Dublin 15



This is Nathan's first year to learn the guitar and I am amazed at his progress. Not only has he made great progress but he really enjoys learning and playing music and thats all thanks to the teachers at CSM. The practice diary is a great way to communicate with the teacher and monitor Nathan's progress.

Audrey Cleverdon, Charnwood, Clonsilla, Dublin 15



Caitriona is extremely happy with her piano teacher.

Brid Considine, Maple, Castleknock, Dublin 15



Very happy with piano teacher. Eoin is doing very well.

Joan Mahady, Luttrellstown, Castleknock, Dublin 15



We are once again very happy with CSM. Ferdia really enjoys his piano and theory and the CSM staff have been great. Ferdia really enjoys participating in the various competitions like Newpark and the Feis Ceoil. We were delighted that he got Student of the Year - Under 14 this year. Eileen and the rest of the CSM staff are doing a wonderful job.

Fiona & Fiachra O'Cairbre, Barberstown, Clonsilla, Dublin 15



Keep up the good work! We are as happy as Larry with CSM!

Eilis Akbari, Lohunda, Clonsilla, Dublin 15



Thank you to Eileen Brogan & Brendan Finan for their excellent teaching and for their positivity and encouragement. Thanks also for the great concerts. And Eileen, you personally create a calm, relaxing and loving atmosphere that helps students to feel at ease and confident. Darren has benefited enormously from this. Thank you so much.

Dympna Hughes, Westend, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15



We are very appreciative of the support given by Rachel Reid, Eileen Brogan and Margaret Reid to our daughter.

Tina Hynes, Larchfield, Dunboyne, Co. Meath



Nerhys is enjoying her piano / theory classes. We are very happy with tuition. Thanks to Eilish Cooney for her support and encouragement.

Lisa & Victor Keane, Luttrellstown, Castleknock, Dublin 15



Aoife thoroughly enjoys her flute and very much enjoys working with Roisin Ní Bhriain. Many thanks to Roisin for all her hard work over the years. Lorcan has thoroughly enjoyed his first year playing the piano. Many tnanks to Eilis Cooney for all her help throughout the year. 

Ann Marie Cullen, Hunter's Run, Clonee, Dublin 15



My children have learned so much from CSM music tuition and we are very pleased and grateful. You are all very good and excellent in your craft. The progress we see in our children is amazing. Thank you.

Jennifer Remolacio, Tyrellstown, Dublin 15



Cara had a very good year with her teacher Hazel. She is an excellent teacher.

Siobhan Roche, Carpenterstown, Castleknock, Dublin 15



We are very happy with Ellen's progress and she loves her teacher Margaret Reid.

Ellen Walsh, Millfarm, Dunboyne, Co. Meath



Caitlin has enjoyed piano and theory so far, especially receiving both from Eileen Brogan (who Caitlin has grown very fornd of!)

Antoinette Kamfer, Dublin 7



Very happy with CSM! Cristina is very patient and thorough.

Joanne Smit, Confey, Leixlip, Co. Kildare



Finn has really enjoyed his lessons with Margaret Reid for guitar Her love of music and dedication to her students is wonderful. She is a great teacher and Finn has learned so much in such a short space of time. We look forward to the next term.

Michelle & Philip Thompson, Riverwood, Carpenterstown, Dublin 15



Amber is extremely happy with her teachers. She feels that her violin and theory teacher really prepares her well for her exams.

Denise Brady, Tyrellstown, Dublin 15



Erin is thoroughly enjoying her music and looks forward to next year.

Jeanette Doonan, Auburn, Castleknock, Dublin 15



Barbara is an excellent flute teacher. The girls are very happy with their lessons.

Mary Deegan, Clonsilla, Dublin 15



As always, everything is great this year. Molly's teacher is very patient and encouraging making learning a very positive experience. Thank you Antonio.

Sharon & Paul Hurley, Riverston, Navan Road, Dublin 7



Antonio is brilliant. Neil absolutely voles his violin teacher. Neil also loves Keith for his theory. He has learned a lot from both. We are very happy with CSM and all teachers.

Arate Naiksatam & Nitin Sawant, Kempton, Navan Rd. Dublin 7



"Neil had a brilliant time this year & is really enjoying learning violin. We really appreciate
Antonios efforts & technique of teaching. Neil absolutely loves Antonio & is now more

interested than ever in violin".  Nitin Sawant 


"What can we say. Antonio is a superb teacher who brings out the very best in our son
Luke. Again, I can't emphasise enough what a patient & enthusiastic teacher he is".
Deborah McMahon D.15 


"We are very happy with Andrew. He is very friendly & enthusiastic about music. The 
atmosphere of the class is always warm & cheerful". Masako Chaal, D.15 


"Thanks for teaching Alice. She really enjoys music classes. Her teacher Kriztina Bartha is 

doing a good job with Alice & is very professional & friendly". Paola Visciano, Tyrellstown 


"Lucie continues to enjoy her classes, both theory & instrumental & all credit to 

Castleknock School of Music for their continued encouragement. Thank you". 
Adrienne Maher D. 15 


"Very impressed with our first term. Really enjoyed the school concert". Lisa Keane D.15 


"Brendan is an excellent teacher who is patient & very attuned to motivating my children

to play piano. Without a doubt he is one of the reasons the boys enjoy their lessons". 
Fiona Harte D.15


"Margaret is a lovely teacher who is so encouraging & nurturing to her students. Thank you

for your patience & support". John Claffey, D.15 



"Our son Ferdia, has been attending Castleknock School of Music since he was two. He is now eight and both he and us have had a wonderful experience with CSM over all those years. Ferdia has really enjoyed his mini music classes, all the piano playing, choir, singing, concerts, making a cd, the RIAM exams and the event with President Mary McAleese. Ferdia has had a passion for music since he was very little and CSM has been perfect for him. Eileen and the rest of the staff at CSM are doing a great job."

Fiachra and Fidelma O'Cairbre

Clonsilla, Dublin 15


"I am 14 yrs of age and I love studying piano at CSM. I have been here for 3 years now. Eileen is the best teacher, very patient, good fun and I got Distinction in my piano exam before Christmas. CSM ROCKS!"

Jasmine Gerhardt
Ongar Park, Dublin 15





"Margaret took on our special needs children after a trial session of the "bouncing babies" music class at the request of one of the mums, even though our children range from 2 - 8 years of age.  Our kids love the music and they adore Margaret.  She has really connected with them and the simple, cheerful songs, and the use of puppets, small drums and shakers are perfect for their co-ordination, development and speech and language as an extra bonus. This is nearly like music therapy and a lot of fun for them!  The parents enjoy it too as we have seen the difference it has made to our special kids over the last 2 years."

Christine Harmes

Castleknock, Dublin 15


"Hi, My name is Thomas Kelly and when I retired 5 years ago, I was lucky enough to be accepted into CSM for piano. I have not looked back and with the continued support of my teacher Eileen and other staff, I am currently studying for my Grade 6 Piano and Theory exam. Thank you CSM! There is a great buzz for children and a great welcome for adults so all you adults come along and rediscover your cultural side – you never know what you might find."

Thomas Kelly
Hillcrest Park Dublin 11
- Senior Citizens classes - 



"Defne started Castleknock School of Music when she was 2.5 years old. She attended all the wonderful colours of the Mini Music Academy: Bonny Bluebirds, Red Robins, Yellow Bunnies, and Green Frogs, not to mention two annual CSM summer schools. She started piano lessons with Eileen when she was 4.5 years old. She has found a real love for music and developed piano skills in CSM with friendly and caring teachers who became part of our family. In 2011, Defne became 3rd in Newpark Music Festival. In the same year, she also got RIAM High Achiever Award and amongst many students she was chosen to perform in the RIAM Awards Ceremony in the Shelbourne Hotel in November 2011.. Now she is almost 8 years old and loves her piano."

Gokhan Gultoprak

“Since joining CSM, Heathers confidence has greatly improved and her ability to remember words within songs has excelled”

R. Kneeshaw

Dunboyne Castle, Co. Meath


“Claudia has really flourished since going to CSM with Margaret. E see the benefit not just in her appreciation of music but other aspects of her development e.g. confidence and imagination. She has also learnt a lot about musical notes, the composers, instruments and lots of lovely songs.”

Liz Cunningham
 Talbot Court, Castleknock, Dublin 15

“Rohan is in CSM for the past 2 years. He is really enjoying the classes. His teachers is great in teaching him.”

Rajeena Mullasseril
 Bramblefield, Clonee, Dublin 15




"When my son Luke came to me expressing a wish to learn an instrument I felt a bit out of my depth as my own musical background is very limited.  So after doing some research I found that Castleknock School of Music held summer music camps every year for children who may be interested in learning an instrument.  I have to say this was the best decision I have ever made.  The camp gave Luke the opportunity to try a number of instruments before he chose the Violin.  I decided to continue with Castleknock School of Music because of their "whole child" approach to music education.  In short, I was impressed, their program includes theory classes as standard and  also includes the Ready! Steady! Go! Choir which is free.  Luke has thrived at Castleknock School of Music under the endlessly patient and excellent tuition of Antonio Garcia Lopez. Over the last two years myself and my husband have had many wonderful experiences at CSM including the Christmas and Summer concerts but especially last summer when Luke had the wonderful opportunity to play his violin for President Mary McAleese.  I think the greatest gift CSM has given Luke is to encourage his love of music, his enthusiasm about sharing his music in school or at home and his confidence when playing to front of an audience. Well done CSM!!

Deborah McMahon
Blanchardstown, Dublin 15