About Mini Music Academy

Mini Music Academy is an exciting, structured and educational music programme for children aged 6 months to 7 years. MMA provides for your child a fantastic opportunity to develop a love and understanding of music through an innovative and proven method of teaching. Classes are fun and educational and provide the foundation for your child’s continued musical education. All the songs have been especially composed for the MMA series of classes.

Eileen Brogan and Margaret Reid are Kodály educators and have been teaching music for over 25 years. MMA’s structured approach is based upon their 25 years of teaching music to young children. MMA embraces the methodology of Zoltan Kodály, Karl Orff and Emile Dalcroze combining singing, creativity, music literacy and listening / responding to music physically, emotionally, intellectually and imaginatively.



The Kodály Concept can be summarized as the practice and believe in musicianship development through singing. Kodály educators believe that the learning process should start as early as possible through the learning and singing of songs. Good sequential learning process should operate with the main view that one proceeds from the simple to the complex by logical steps and that regular exposure to music is essential. Singing is fundamental to Kodály work because it is the finest means of music making, is in-built in mankind and is the best way of ensuring a connection with the INNER HEARING, that most essential aspect of any musician.