MMA Education and Outreach Programme FAQ

Q. If a group of children vary in the above ages, can MMA provide tuition to suit?

A. If you have a group of children that vary in age, we can tailor our classes to suit your requirements. Our facilitator will discuss the ages and stages of the children and provide an appropriate programme to ensure satisfactory development.

Q. Who are the facilitators?

A. Teachers giving the classes are qualified and experienced early music specialists and teachers of Mini Music Academy.

Q. How are fees paid?

A. The agreement for tuition is made between the school / centre / organization and Mini Music Academy so fees are paid directly by the school / centre to MMA. Payment can be made annually, by semester of 13 weeks or by a monthly payment plan. 

Q. What do the school / centre need to provide for Mini Music Classes

A suitable classroom with ample space. All other resources including percussion instruments are provided by Mini Music Academy.