Education & Outreach FAQ

Q. Is tuition given during or after school hours?
A. MMA can provide tuition during or after school hours to best suit your own timetables and schedules.

Q. What are the costs involved?
A. A qualified and experienced MMA Music Teacher is provided at an hourly rate to the school.

Q.Does the school need to provide any resources?
A. MMA provide all resources for the classes.

Q. What accommodation is required for MMA Classes?
A. A fair-sized room is ample accommodation.

Q. Are parents encouraged to be involved in their child’s music education?
A. Yes. Parents are encouraged to become as involved as possible in classes and practice time at home. CSM welcome parents to sit in on classes regularly if they can. Our MMA Instructor is available to give advice on progress and the overall musical development of their child.

Q. Do you cater for children with Special Needs?

A. Absolutely. 

Q. Are classes held regularly?                                                                                                                          

A. Classes are held weekly for the children. This is very important to establish continuity and to continually reinforce the musical concepts taught.

Q. Are bookings done for the year or can bookings be done for a term?                                                               

A. Bookings can be done annually or for a term of 13 classes. There are 2 terms in the year of 13 weeks duration.      (September - May)

Q. Can an MMA Class be organised for children of mixed ages?                                                                           

A. Yes! The MMA Teacher will assess the age profile of your group and organise classes to suit the age and stage of the group.

Q. Is it necessary for the Playschool / Montessori Teacher to be present during the class?                                      

A. It is preferable to have the teacher present so that the she can work with the children during the week and practice the songs taught.

Q. Can a trial class be organised?                                                                                                                    

A. Yes

Q. Can an information session for parents be organised?                                                                                    

A. Yes

Q. Can information be provided for parents?                                                                                                    

A. Yes