Stairway to music programme

The Stairway to Music programme is designed for young students from as young as 4 years of age to commence formal instrumental classes. CSM recommend at least 1 year's tuition on our Mini Music Academy (MMA) curriculum before graduating to instrumental lessons. (See full details below) We welcome parents sitting in on weekly classes.

Students of MMA receive a written assessment of their progress in May of each year. Students as young as 4 years of age may be assessed by their MMA teacher as ready to begin an instrument in tandem with their MMA class. The Stairway to Music Programme has been especially developed for our MMA students. Pathway to Piano, Gateway to Guitar, adVentures in Violin, Top Trad Fiddlers and Road to Recorder provide the ideal start on the journey towards becoming a gifted musician.

Pathway to Piano, adVentures in Violin and Gateway to Guitar are designed for 2 children of the same age and stage learning together or alternatively an individual 20-minute class - either option is very successful. Top Trad Fiddlers and Road to Recorder can have up to 5 children learning together. Tuition is instructive, interactive and fun. Students enrolling for these classes should have at least one year's MMA classes done and should ideally have been assessed by their MMA teacher as being ready to progress to instrumental tuition.

Tuition will combine the following activities:

  • Learning the technique of playing the instrument
  • Individual, duet and ensemble playing
  • Rhythmic Training
  • Singing through solfége and directly linking this to their instrument
  • Reading through both solfa and staff notation
  • Learning the art of transposition through the moveable doh