Red Robins (3-4 years)

Duration: 30 minutes



Red Robins is a fun and educational music class and offers:

  • A child-centered class with parental / guardian participation
  • Simple songs to develop language skills, vocabulary and ability to pitch correctly
  • Activities to develop solo performance
  • Puppets to stimulate anticipation and singing response
  • A socially interactive and musical environment for parent / guardian and child
  • Movement to music / percussion instruments to develop rhythm, beat and coordination
  • Activities to develop the musical memory, inner hearing and intonation
  • Kodály handsigns (pentatonic) to develop inner hearing, pitch and intonation
  • Listening / Responding to music imaginatively and creatively
  • Activities to introduce composers and instruments of the orchestra
  • Musical elements and Italian terms made conscious
  • Reading of musical notation from left to right
  • Songs originally composed for the MMA programme
  • Book & CD provided to enable parent / guardian and child work at home