Green Frogs (6 - 7 years)

Duration: 40 minutes


Green Frogs is the final year of musicianship in MMA. It is a fun and educational music class and offers:

  • Ideal, but not limited to, children who have participated in previous MMA classes
  • Extended pentatonic and diatonic songs are taught to develop interval training and pitch
  • Movement to music / percussion instruments to develop rhythm, beat and coordination
  • Activities to develop the musical memory, inner hearing and intonation
  • Kodály handsigns (pentatonic & diatonic) to develop inner hearing, pitch and intonation
  • Activities to develop self-confidence, independence and concentration
  • Story time to extend knowledge of composers and instrumentation
  • Musical elements and Italian terms revised and built upon
  • Reading of musical notation revised and extended
  • Writing of musical notation including dictation to develop understanding and memory
  • Composition and creative activities to develop the musical imagination
  • Songs originally composed for the MMA programme
  • Book & CD provided to enable parent / guardian and child work at home
  • Parent / Guardian invited to attend class at end of each semester to observe interaction
  • Parent / Guardian is given an end-of-year written assessment of child’s progress
  • Students can also participate in CSM’s Stairway to Music Programmes if recommended by their Academy teacher
  • Students are invited to audition for CSM’s Ready! Steady! Go! Choir. The choir prepares for performances at Christmas and May annually and is free of charge to all students of the academy and CSM.