Busy Babies (6 - 24 months)


Duration: 30 minutes



Busy Babies is a fun and educational music class for ages 6 - 24 months and offers:

  • Shared quality musical experiences between parent / guardian and child
  • New and innovative ways of interacting and bonding with your child
  • Simple songs to develop child’s sense of pitch, language skills and vocabulary
  • Percussion instruments and activities to develop a sense of pulse and rhythm
  • Activities to develop small and gross motor movement and coordination
  • Activities to develop aural and listening skills
  • Activities to develop understanding of musical elements
  • Puppets to stimulate anticipation and singing response
  • Musical games / activities to develop pulse, rhythm and coordination
  • A socially interactive and musical environment for parent / guardian and child
  • Listening / Responding to music imaginatively and creatively.
  • Songs and activities can be an integral part of daily routine at home

Click on the link to our Busy Babies Video: http://www.castleknockschoolofmusic.com/gallery/videos/event-videos